Valentine’s Day ❤️

I mean really, since when did we start celebrating Valentine’s Day?

We don’t normally celebrate this day, because I personally think it’s just a “commercialism scheme” and the husband believes that love should be celebrated everyday. But I think we have succumbed to it, I don’t know why. I gave him a card and cinema ticket for Deadpool, and let me show you what I got…  

Yes, not one but two dozens of flowers, the Daniel Wellington wrist candy was a part of his pasabog too. But the best part and my favourite part was the card. 

Working full-time and looking after two teenagers and a toddler is very demanding, and very tiring, we hardly have any time for ourselves. But that’s ok, we’re used to that anyway. Date night is usually spent sneaking  in the living room, drinking coffee and watching our favourite program while the children are upstairs. I know we’re probably boring, but boring is not bad. 🙃 

Flowers today, hopefully the world tomorrow. An excerpt on what’s written inside.

And now I know why we celebrate this day, maybe because for us, it gives us time to pause a little, to ignore our busy life for a second and appreciate what we have… Each other & our children. 

I love you B!