High Five! ✋🏼

July! Summer holiday and my birth month. We’ve decided to visit my sister who happens to live in California for four-weeks! The whole family thinks we would find it hard to beat this holiday, let me show you why…

And who would forget that long haul drive to the breathtaking Grand Canyon? 


The friends that I’ve never seen for a long time… 




And the place where I hope to live one day, or even just buy a house… (I can dream, can’t I?) 😂 



🎥 Summing up our most recent (and most favourite) family holiday in this video. Enjoy! 😍

❤️ We didn’t know we were making memories, all we knew was, we’re having fun.❤️

Oh! and by the way, it was my husband who made (and directed) the video. Well done B! 😘