🌸Greatest Blessing! 💖


I still don’t know how this year flew by so quickly, I remember your arrival to this world like it was yesterday, yet I can’t remember how our life was before you arrived. It’s been very bittersweet past couple of days, how did we get here so quickly? I mean look at you, very healthy, very happy and oh my gosh, so beautiful!

My dearest Zoey, it’s been my greatest privilege to be called your mother. I don’t know how many times throughout the day I pause and look at you and think, “God, entrusted you to me, how did I get so lucky?”. You have taught us so much about ourselves, about life, and the things that matters most. You have made our saddest and frustrating moments joyful again. Thank you for being here, for being your happy, beautiful self and for making mom, itay, kuya and diko’s day over and over again.

We love you eternally, Happy 1st birthday Zoey!



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