👌Well Baby 👶


After a week of being down with the flu, thank God she’s feeling a lot better today, she’s even going up the stairs and that! 😂😝


💚💗💙 My Baby, My Zoey






She’s only 5 months old, but what a head turner already she is.

Our Zoey, on what her brothers call a very lovely outfit, suited for a very lovely girl. 😊

I love you ZOEY, not long now ’til you see and hug our family back home, and they are all looking forward to meet you. ❤️

💢 Beautiful Mess 💢

First she took over the bedroom, now she’s taken over the living room, soon she’ll take over the whole house. 😊


And yes, we are fine with that, even her brothers are.

I love days like this, and I love seeing my children like this. I’m almost on my 7th month of maternity leave and I am really enjoying moments like this. I could just sit here and stare at them all day.😉

But wait! Someone changed the channel… Kim!!! 😜