Post Partum Blues. Not!


Everything is running smoothly, everything seems to be sorted, well, almost everything. I say almost because our life is beyond perfect, but we are trying our hardest. But having a baby, when you are far away from the rest of your family, made me realize something, made us realize something. The importance of strong family ties.

We regularly talk to our family /relatives back home. Except for one. We don’t discuss this at home, we never talked about it, but it’s been so long now, and a lot of things has happened, so we both think that it’s time to start a new beginning. A new chapter.

Because really how long do you intend to do this? When will you get tired? To continue building walls instead of bridges? This pointless showboating, all these non-sense? You soon will have a family of your own and will later realise what our sentiments are… And I hope when that time comes, it isn’t too late.

His dream of our children meeting yours is just beyond reach at the moment, and even he knows that, but even so, every night, in every prayer you are always included. And soon, when the right time comes, that dream will be realized. In God’s time.



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