▶▶▶ 1 Month

In the left corner, weighing 10lbs 6 oz (pisngi pa lamang) is the one month old Zoey.


After her Papa took this photo, we then did our usual routine, FaceTime with her Lolo & Lola from Bulacan and Skype with her grandparents from Davao. Of course the folk should see their apo— lalo na it’s her birthday (well, kinda).

And when her big brothers came home from school, I prepared a little “handa” for our little Z. I made her pancit palabok (spare me as it’s my first time 😉) and I ask a friend to make her a cake.



And in the evening, Z was visited by her Lolo & Lola here in the UK, they also gave her a “birthday” present. 😊

We have a very happy baby in the end and that is all that matters.

So, to our Z, you are a month old now, we love you anak.

Your lolos, lolas, titos, titas and pinsans back home are all looking forward to meet you and I’m sure you are feeling the same. And I tell you Z, that won’t be long now.




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