➡️➡️➡️ Week 7


Mommy’s little helper slacking off as usual. It’s probably tough to be 7-weeks old! 😉


Day Off (kinda) 😜


Today, the husband is not working, so he decided to give me a “day off”. Well, it’s more of a a “me time”.
So, braving the cold weather (it’s almost autumn) I went to town & did a little looking. *wink*

And you know what? I am loving every minute of having a daughter. I’ve always enjoyed shopping but I never imagined shopping clothes for our Zoey could be this fun.
The endless choices of cute & pretty clothes is just unbelievable.

So today, I bagged this from my favourite high-street shop Zara.



This will be Zoey’s outfit on our first trip! 😊

Post Partum Blues. Not!


Everything is running smoothly, everything seems to be sorted, well, almost everything. I say almost because our life is beyond perfect, but we are trying our hardest. But having a baby, when you are far away from the rest of your family, made me realize something, made us realize something. The importance of strong family ties.

We regularly talk to our family /relatives back home. Except for one. We don’t discuss this at home, we never talked about it, but it’s been so long now, and a lot of things has happened, so we both think that it’s time to start a new beginning. A new chapter.

Because really how long do you intend to do this? When will you get tired? To continue building walls instead of bridges? This pointless showboating, all these non-sense? You soon will have a family of your own and will later realise what our sentiments are… And I hope when that time comes, it isn’t too late.

His dream of our children meeting yours is just beyond reach at the moment, and even he knows that, but even so, every night, in every prayer you are always included. And soon, when the right time comes, that dream will be realized. In God’s time.


▶▶▶ 1 Month

In the left corner, weighing 10lbs 6 oz (pisngi pa lamang) is the one month old Zoey.


After her Papa took this photo, we then did our usual routine, FaceTime with her Lolo & Lola from Bulacan and Skype with her grandparents from Davao. Of course the folk should see their apo— lalo na it’s her birthday (well, kinda).

And when her big brothers came home from school, I prepared a little “handa” for our little Z. I made her pancit palabok (spare me as it’s my first time 😉) and I ask a friend to make her a cake.



And in the evening, Z was visited by her Lolo & Lola here in the UK, they also gave her a “birthday” present. 😊

We have a very happy baby in the end and that is all that matters.

So, to our Z, you are a month old now, we love you anak.

Your lolos, lolas, titos, titas and pinsans back home are all looking forward to meet you and I’m sure you are feeling the same. And I tell you Z, that won’t be long now.