Today, my first born Redge Benedict turns fourteen, the “bestest” son a mom could ask for.

So son, Happy Birthday & I love you so much! ❤❤❤



➡➡➡Week 2

IMG_4856IMG_4869photo-6week two

It took us sometime, but after years of waiting, not to mention two miscarriages, we finally have her…
I’m sure not all people would share our joy, and to those who doesn’t, what we have experienced, we wouldn’t wish for anyone else.
But we are glad that the wait is finally over, and time is flying so quickly.

And so, our Zoey is two weeks old today. So her Papa took the camera out, and captured this milestone.

What a beauty…


😁Walang Tulugan😁


Last night’s peg was all about the master showman, Kuya Germs… Walang Tulugan!

So we just savour the moment & the family did a “Selfive” — it’s Selfie X 5 😜 (copyright Kim™ as he would often say).

How much do I love these people? I love them to the moon and back!


💕Thank You! 💕


Day 13, Zoey received another present, this time it’s from the lovely people at the Parish.

Although we are far from our family, we are grateful that we are blessed with good friends & lovely people who are willing to help & support us. This, we will always be thankful for.



➡➡➡Day 11


Eleven days after giving birth to Z, I went out to sort our passports, pass by the church & did a little retail therapy. But this time all purchases are for the little one.

Aww. The joys of motherhood.


😊That Smile😊


…and all of a sudden she gave that mischievous grin. Just makes my heart melt. ❤

Zoey, enjoying that nursing pillow Papa bought her yesterday. Bless! x


Let’s Sum it Up


First of many… 😊

The brood on what would be Zoey’s first day out, a wee trip to the church to hear the mass.

So, here is our Z all wrapped up
& well snuggled on her Quinny pram. Yes, it has to be red as big brothers won’t be pushing a pink pram. No way!

We’ll also be using our Cath Kidston diaper bag, which I find really impressive. The compartment inside makes everything so tidy as stuff stay on where they should be. They also have this container that keeps the bottle warm. It also has that detachable changing mat. But above all, it’s waterproof which is what you need if you live in the UK as the weather is very unpredictable.

So bye for now, as we don’t want to be late for the mass.

Blessed Sunday Everyone!

The fact that we don’t deserve the blessings of God & He still gives them to us makes it even more amazing!





➡➡➡Week 1


It’s been a week since we met you. And up to now, we are still in awe, still so in love.

We are so glad that you are here now, that we now can shower you with cuddles, kisses and of course with love.

You are now a week old Z.

God Bless You Anak.



6-days after giving birth, I’m now ready for my first day out, a trip to the church with the whole family…
Blessed Sunday everyone! 🙏

And oh, it’s not selfie anymore! It’s #mms or manghang-mangha sa sarili pose! 😂