💗Bump date💗

36, 37 & 38 weeks photos of the MUMP! (Mum +Bump)

I keep getting comments that I’m still pretty neat (although I feel the opposite).😜

Now at 38 weeks. Anyday now. 🙏



🌸Thank You🌸

These are some of the presents we received from the baby shower, it’s a great feeling that the baby is still yet to come out but as early as now, she’s already being showered with love, already being spoiled. We are so blessed to be surrounded by people, as loving, caring & supportive as these bunch.

Car seat, Crib, Carry cot, bottles, blankets, clothes (loads of them), cuddly toys & many more, almost everything has been given to us and we truly are so delighted.

We are now 38 weeks today, officially ready and just patiently waiting for our daughter to come out anyday now. 😊

And let me share a little secret, not only did the bump get spoiled on the baby shower, but the mom too, if you noticed, there’s a Gucci thingy with the presents… Yup! I received a Gucci handbag, that I call is just an icing on the cake!




💕Spoiled Buntis💕


Another reason why I always look forward to my birthday is that I get spoiled (even at least once a year). 😊

The husband is not the extravagant type of husband but when it comes to buying presents, let’s just say that he is well-trained. 😜

But I think this year, I got more than I deserve.
The YSL ring is such a beauty, and that Balenciaga clutch is just so lovely, I am one happy spoiled preggy. 😉


💕Baby Shower💕


A sneak peak of what happened tonight.

A baby shower that was truly special because our family & friends were there.

We’ll be sharing more photos soon… 😊


Notes from the Expectant Mother


37 Weeks today. We’re now officially full-term.

Please pray for little Z’s safe delivery! 🙏



Dinner with the fambam, that’s how I spend the evening of my birthday. Then we all went home to have a bit of that “huge ass cake”.

I really couldn’t do much as I’m on my 36th week of my pregnancy now, I’m just waddling away until I reach the 37th week.

At the end of the day it was all good & I really had a nice time. A trip to the church, dinner then a wee tea party at home, that’s what happened on my 36th birthday.

Presents? Of course I get good presents, I always get spoiled rotten on my birthday, although this year I didn’t specifically ask for anything the husband still got me something.

The thing is, I haven’t opened it yet, but once I do, I’ll show it to you… 😉







16th of July 2013


❤You just know it’s gonna be a great day when three boys attacked you in bed & woke you up with these… So today, I’m putting my feet up, not because it’s my birthday, but because it’s swollen! 😜 Happy Birthday to Me & Hello oedema! 😝


Yay! 🌸🌺🌻🌷🌹


12 Midnight, Philippine time, the husband gave me these lovely flowers and greeted me Happy Birthday. 😊

I am now 36 years old & 37 weeks pregnant.

I am happy, blessed & couldn’t ask for anything more. 😊


The Mump with Daddy 💕

The Mump with Daddy 💕

Now at 36 weeks, the first ever photo of the Mump (Mum + Bump) with the Daddy.😊


🌸Sometimes life can be so overwhelmingly blessed you really can’t think of any other words but “Thank You.” God is good. All the time.🌸


Isn’t he the sweetest?

Isn't he the sweetest?

Days ago, I briefly mentioned to the husband that I wanted to eat cake, a proper “pinoy” cake, and look what he got me this morning… A huge mocha cake, with the funniest caption ever… “Wala Lang”

This dude sometimes really makes me smile. Lakas maka-haba ng hair. Thank you B!