8:00AM: “Mom, I’m going”… that’s my eldest son RB, letting me know he’s leaving for school. That also means I have to get up and get Kim, my youngest son ready for school. Which means putting his socks on, while he’s still in bed, then he’ll get up, walking towards the other bedroom where he’ll lie down for a minute or two, then put his trousers, then jumper on, then go downstairs to have his breakfast. And now while he gets his breakfast I get myself ready— ready, as in putting my jeans over my pyjama bottoms, quick wash and even before I even put my lipstick on, there he is, screaming on the top of his voice, “Mom, I don’t want to be late, AGAIN!”. So that’s it, I have to rush going down the stairs put my trainers on, then leave.

8:50AM: Then just as we reach the school ground, the bell will ring. But no, it’s not time to leave yet, I have to wait ’til Kim goes inside the school, go upstairs, where he’ll pass near a window near his classroom where he can see me, then he’ll do his ‘sheepish’ wave, then I’ll wave back and then it’s time to leave.

9:00AM: Back at home, already. Wondering why so quick? It’s because we live across the road from school, literally. Again wondering why I still take my Kim to school? I’m sure he can manage by himself but still, he’s only 9, still a baby right?

Now, kids both in school, hubby at work, you’ll think I have plenty of time for myself,,, you’re kidding right? Because this is the time when I do the laundry, hang the clothes, do the cooking, ironing, do some house tidying & if I still have time, go to shop to buy bread, milk & other stuff that we usually ran out of. And before you knew it…


03:10 PM: That’s Kim, home already. I know, I know, I take him to school but he goes home by himself. Let’s just say he’s a baby in the morning but ‘grown-up’ in the afternoon.

04:10 PM: RB goes home from high school. He quickly gets changed, does his homework before he goes downstairs.

05:30 PM: The three of us will now seat and eat our late, or very late lunch or early dinner. And if RB is not tired, he’ll wash the dishes, but if he is, mommy never gets tired so she’ll just wash the dishes, again!

07:00 PM: By this time, I’ve done the dishes, tidied the kitchen and finally my time to have a bath.

If you think by having a bath I get peace, I don’t. Because most of the time Kim would knock as he needed to pee. (We have three bathrooms, but he misses me so much that he couldn’t bear me out of this sight).

08:30 PM: The hubby arrives home from work. Goes straight to the shower- he works in the hospital so those germs have to be killed first you know.

09:00 PM: Dinner time, then again,the highlight of my evening… Washing the dishes!

10:00 PM: Everybody gets ready for bed, then we do our little prayer, then hit the sack.

This is my usual routine when I’m off, (oh yes, I forgot to mention that I work full-time in the same hospital where the other half works). And though it seems busy and tiring I’m glad that I am able to do these things for my kids & for my husband. And when the hubby is off, he pretty much does the same, maybe more (I don’t clean the toilets you see). It is tiring, but then again I’m just saying, not complaining.

The phrase “working mother” is redundant.




  1. Badet, you’re a Supermom! 🙂 I can’t imagine myself doing things like yours but geez being a mom requires all the responsibility of doing those chores.. for the LOVE! 🙂
    I remember the times when we were young, younger as we think we are. You always play the role of being a leader, leader as you always start to think of new street games to play, new places to go and not to forget the “kalokohan” that we used to do way back then. So I bet, you were hardly trained during those times. And I can say, it made you a better mom, daughter, cousin, friend and a person you are right now ( I “accidentally” forgot the word partner.. or maybe “intentionally”..joke!:) ok! and also a partner to your “new love” (may old e wehehehe). Just continue being a good person and you’ll surely reap good fruits along the way. Goodluck! TCCIC! Books Before Boys 🙂 Misyah Much! Mwahmwahtsuptsup

    Forget Me Not,
    Minyang aka Dj Bontes

  2. Hello Minyang! I was surprised by your comment, and by your English. Manager na manager na talaga sa banko ang dating mo! Alam mo, I forever will cherish our childhood memories, and I am very proud of our relationship as cousins. I’ll never forget the times I’ve cooked champorado from scratch, at ang malupit du’n, kinain n’yo naman hehe.

    Stop worrying about motherhood, you’ll be fine. It will just come naturally, no lecture or teaching required, just instinct. And besides, you have nogs to help you along the way, you’ll surely cope.

    I miss you too & how can I forget you? Magkadugo tayo and it’ll stay that way forever.

    J.A.P.A.N. (Just Always Pray At Night),
    Det aka Kamatis

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