The title may come in different languages, but it all means one thing, how grateful I am for all the people who made me realized my dream. A long dream wich was put on hold  for quite some time. Eight years, to be precise.

Aside from my sisters & parents, I again would like to say THANKS to all these people, who have witnessed & helped us all the way until we finally have reached the altar.


A friend since high school, who with her great  ‘connections’ I was  able to take the very FIRST step in realizing our dream. Without her, I am probably still stuck to the past, struggling to move forward. So a BIG thank you to you!


I mean, how can I not thank Cristina?  The moment our high school teacher decided we have to be seatmates, we automatically clicked. We get on like house on fire, from classmates, we became seatmates, then friends, to best friends, to being kumares and even bought a house near each other in the Philippines. Heavily pregnant with her third child, she single handedly looked through every shop in Dubai, to find the perfect dress for me. And guess what?, she found it. Perfect dress that fits perfectly. (And that’s without her asking my size, that’s how good she is^^)  Matalik na kaibigan. Karugtong ng Bituka, kaya mahal ko ‘tong si Cristina.


Tess used to be my boss during my Chowking days, I used to be very scared of her, as she’s kinda strict, but eventually we became friends, and as I would always tease her, she’s my ‘kasabwat’  (but those bad girl days are so gone now! lol) She has guide me, and made me career-wise and has helped me a lot, including financially. She is married to an equally nice person, Gerry, the very talented, who took are PRE-NUP pictures for FREE.  No fees, nothing. I am just lucky to have known this lovely couple.


The owner of one many Chowkings I was once a store manger, my franchisee, who is now our ninong. I have the greatest respect to this man, who is not just a boss, but a leader. He guides his people, and always let them grow, personally and professionally. Before  I wonder why he is so successful? Until I realized after working with him and for him that he is where he is now because of his perseverance and also because he looks after his people so well. I look up to him not just as a boss but because he is a great person. Wondering what’s with the no-face picture? Let’s just say he is a bit  ‘private’ but if you’re reading this, you probably know him and that he’s way more good looking than the faceless guy above.


I have never imagined that I will meet a lot of good people and make new friends through facebook. Oching and I went to the same school, have a lot of common friends, but never really given the chance to be friends. After leaving home and flying 7,000 miles, here we are, sharing gigles and secrets- thanks to facebook, as through it I was able to know how genuine & funny Oching is.

Now here, this lady who I address as Ma’am, as  I appointed myself as the Sgt At Arms of her ever  growing fans club^^, never in a million years I would have thought that we’ll became friends, I only used to know her by name, and that’s because she’s famous for her hosting skills, not to mention her dancing & singing (ehem!) abilities. And then a year  ago, there she was hosting in my very own wedding, I could never ask for more. Thanks Uddie! I mean ma’am!

          MY COUSINS

I am just lucky to have cousins as good as this lot. We used to do countless sleep overs when we were young, woke up in the early hours of the morning to do our ‘jogging’. And yes, I miss those times, but I will forever have that good old memories in my heart. I am just glad to be part of this family.


A classmate in elementary, schoolmate until high school, I still am surprised up to this day how we became friends, as there is a Filipino saying, “langit s’ya at lupa ako”, she’s just too posh to be my friend I would always say. But you know what? Last year, she was one of the people who helped organized our wedding. I arrived, and there she was, handing me the bouquet I have to carry, and at the end of the ceremony, everyone came home with tiny souvenirs, she has made. Now, without hesitation I call her amiga-my strong, determined and not to mention very creative amiga.


From Alaska, she went home to the Philippines and went to St. Mary’s Academy as a third year HS student. I met her there and we became friends, although her stay didn’t last very long as she and her family went back to the US we always somehow managed  keep in touch.  And after more than 10 years of not seeing each other, I  send her a message on facebook and told her I was getting married (again),,, and  there  she was, the friend I’ve been missing for so long , smiling and waving at me as I walk down the aisle. I would always remember that day not just as our wedding day but also the day I was reunited with my dear friend.


Mamang and Papang as I call them now, I thank my in-laws for accepting and loving me and my two children . I mean, come on, it’s not easy to swallow that your first-born child, fell in love with a separated mother-of-two. But with them, I wasn’t judged or questioned, instead they just welcomed me (and my plus 2), to be a part of their family. They even accompany their son to our humble place in Bulacan to meet my parents, which really means a lot to me. I admire them for raising a very good person, who thank God is now my husband.


The greatest memento from my first marriage. The reason why I get up in the morning everyday . The reason why I strive hard.  The reason why I smile.  I couldn’t imagine life without them and I would never trade them for anything else. I am thankful as I am blessed with these 2 beautiful boys. Thankful to them that they woke up every single morning with a smile. Yes, no bad morning for them. I love them and would bite the bullet for them.


Google her name. Yup! that’s who she is & that’s what she does.  But to me, she’s our Nang-ni, and it’s indeed a blessing to be part of her ‘circle’.  I could never thank her enough, for all the things she has done for me., and all the advises she have given me. Not to mention the gown I wore for the pictorial & the actual wedding dress itself was made by the famous Ms. Lyle. She’s probably the most busy/stressed person on my wedding day. How it all started?   I added her as a friend on facebook and everything just happens very quickly- we now regularly exchange messages & laugh at each other’s ‘kagagahan’. I look up to her as she’s a wonderful person and every prayer I made, I thank God for bringing Nang-ni into my life. Oh, and of course, I love her to bits.


There are  one million and one reasons why I have to thank  B  (as I call him).  You patiently waited for me for a very long time, when you could have taken the easy way (like marrying someone single), but instead you stick with me through all those times. The path we’ve travelled together  isn’t easy, we’ve been through very hard times, but the thing is you never gave up on me, on  us. Your faith on ‘US’ lead us to where we are today- a married couple.

I thank you B, for genuinely loving me and my children. They might not be yours biologically, but you’ve done so much for them- and because of that I take my hat off to you.

I thank you B, for not making me cry (ever), for the long 9 years of no fighting (yup, not once). And for not failing to surprise me with your brilliant  ideas.

I thank you B for bringing me closer to God and As I lay next to you every night, I pray to Him to please look after you as I could never imagine a day without  you. That, today is my greatest fear.

One Year Down, Forever to go!



  1. naiyak ako amiga!!! i never thought too that you’ll be my friend since then. and oh by the way my surname is delos angeles and not del rosario kung walang picture akala ko hindi ako! (lol) i thank you too for trusting and sharing with me your life,need not to hessitate to share a bit of your true to life story that i never imagined you’ve crossed those ups and downs. i’m learning a lot of what PATIENCE is with you and Alain and it give me courage =) ..cheers to your forever to go, cheers too alain! you are a great man!

  2. Badet, this piece was clearly written from the heart. you are very blessed to have found someone like your beloved B. the road ahead wont be that easy, as there will always be bumps along the way, but with the love that you and alain have for each other, you will surely triumph over all challenges that will come your way. sweet days ahead! Ma’am Inocencio here.

    • Ma’am, it is indeed a long way and marami pa tyak na pagsubok na darating, but I am confident that no matter how hard it is, i wont have to face it alone, as I have B.
      Thanks for everything ma’am!

  3. my gosh it was touching and inspiring! love it! u were so blessed despite of everything u were able to move on and now standing with people u love most…

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